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Ages 11 & Up
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Contra Mestre Alemão

Anderson Costa Santos (nicknamed Alemao) was born in Bahia, Brazil which is the birthplace of Capoeira. His earlier years were spent continually developing his skills in Capoeira, sometimes 12 hours a day. His dedication and focus kept him on the straight and narrow path to success. Contra Mestre Alemao quickly grew a reputation as being one of the fastest and most technically sharp forces to be reckoned with in the Capoeira community. As Contra Mestre Alemao became more experienced, he began teaching for his group, Capoeira Gangara. He realized that he adored working with children. To be able to help to guide a child away from the danger of the streets through the discipline of Capoeira was something that he felt very proud of.

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Contra Mestre Alemao has launched numerous successful Capoeira after school programs with organizations such as Boy’s Harbor, New York City Housing Authority, Easter Seals and Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation to help bring Capoeira to at-risk and special needs youth. Children previously labeled ”problem kids” were suddenly focused and obedient. Students that other teachers had long since given up on were suddenly seen improving.

Professor Alemao is a veteran performer, always commanding the audience’s attention with his speed and precision. In addition to Capoeira, Alemao performs many of the traditional folkloric Brazilian dances of Samba, Macu-lele, Samba de Roda and dances of the Orixas. He has given extensive performances and workshops with his folkloric group, Fala Brazil, and has toured throughout the states and internationally including countries such as: Greece, England, Haiti and India.

Currently Contra Mestre Alemao lives in New York where he continues to cultivate his private group (Capoeira Baiano Carcara)and work with local gyms and after school programs. He is concentrating many of his efforts on organizing Capoeira events and benefits in order to unite the Capoeira community for positive change.

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